We stand with Haiti

19 Feb

When God asks Cain where is Abel, Cain says, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Other translations say, “Am I responsible for my brother?” or, “Am I supposed to care for him?” The answer to that question resounds throughout the scriptures: “Yes! Yes! Yes!” We have a God-given responsibility to care for the welfare of others—-especially others in need.

These words keep shouting in our souls as we think of our Haitian brothers and sisters and all that they are experiencing now. Since February 7, there has been civil unrest, demonstrations, road blocks, burning of tires, shootings, looting, deaths. The Haitian people just want their voices heard by their government leaders, especially wanting transparency regarding all the monies they had received to help their country physically, spiritually, socially. Businesses, schools, banks have all been closed; and everything is literally locked down.

We think about and pray for our kids and teens, and all those with whom we are blessed to share life, to work with, to serve and to empower. We were to return to Haiti on February 17, but we were advised by many of our people in Jacmel not to return until things calm down. We would need to land in Port au Prince and then have a 3-hour drive through the mountains to Jacmel. Then the American embassy gave us the news–a level 4 travel advisory, no travel to Haiti at this time of unrest.

Our hearts are aching as we think of those who have no access to food and water; those who cannot go to school because their teachers have not been paid; those markets which closed due to fear. God knows our prayers and listens, and so we pray today that hardened hearts will be opened to hear the cries of the poor so we can be the heart, hands, feet and bodies of Christ for others so we can again care for the welfare of our Haitian brothers and sisters. We stand with our people who desire to learn and grown and prosper. Please pray with us for a peaceful resolution to this conflict and for life to once again grow in Haiti.

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