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Mother Angela Clinic

On Monday, February 10, and Wednesday, February 12, Sr. Izajasza, our newest community member, visited the Mother Angela Clinic. She saw the way the clinic is organized and met the people who come to the clinic. The Mother Angela Clinic serves in places where people have no access to health care. With the help of and generosity of our brothers and sisters in Christ, we have the ability to reach them. Many patients come every month to have their prescriptions renewed, especially those with hypertension and diabetes. God is so real here. We see much faith in our people who have the determination to fight through obstacles until they see the outcome they believe God wants to give them. And that is healing. There are times when we need to couple faith with strength of will. Some of these people walk 5-6 miles to reach us.

We cannot go anywhere without our chauffeur, Fritz.

Sè. Izzy jumps right in to learn how to prepare medications with Rosemani.
Dr. Yves with a patient.
Dr. Valcin examining a baby.
Nelie checks for sugar with a patient.
In between, we enjoy taking care of the babies.

This poor woman walked miles to reach the clinic. It reminded us of the woman bent over in the Gospel of Luke 13: 11-13: “She was bent over and could not straighten up at all. When Jesus saw her, he called her forward and said to her, ‘Woman, you are set free from your infirmity.’ Then he put his hands on her, and immediately she straightened up and praised God.”

Sr. Marilyn assisting Dr. Valcin with wound care.
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Your light shall break forth like the dawn.

Our Sunday morning welcome today!

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The Lord, your God will be your guide…

Yes, indeed, these words are being fulfilled in our hearing. We arrived in Santo Domingo Tuesday afternoon to be greeted by Fr. Juan Carlos, rector of Casa Arquidiocesana Maria de la Allagracia Cento Internacional. We stayed at the Casa during our visits to pharmacies and a meeting with a director of a drug distributor. We have made our connections and, hopefully, we now will be able to purchase medications needed for the Mother Angela Clinic.

With Fr. Juan Carlo
We met with Sr. Medalena and Daisy from Catholic Services, who connected us with the pharmacy from which we can purchase medications and get them through the border.
With our driver and interpreter, Stefan…
Meeting with Mr. Luis Gullon and one of his assistants, Francis…
We met with Sr. Niurkas, who will be our first contact in purchasing medications in the Dominican Republic.
With our second day driver, Oscar…

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Our new community in Felician Haiti Mission

Save us, O Lord our God! And gather us from the nations, to give thanks to your holy name, and make it our glory to praise you. (Psalm 106:47)

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Partnership in the Gospel

We hear in the Gospel “go out to all the world and tell the Good News.” This is our commission and partnership in the Gospel. It also means networking. On Saturday, February 1, we met Dr. Jim Morgan, MD, founder of The LAMP. This organization has a clinic in Citè Soleil, Haiti. For the past 10 years, they have been healing the poorest of the poor. We received some medical supplies that we could not use in our mobile clinic but knew they would be very useful in a stationary clinic. God made the way!

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Celebrating Eucharist with Neocatechumenal community in Jacmel

On Saturday, January 11, the first Neocatechumenal community of Jacmel celebrated the Eucharist together at the Haiti Mission. It was a joy to join all the communities in the world in the celebration of the Eucharist. What gave it even more excitement was that it was the vigil feast of the Baptism of the Lord!

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Klinik Manman Angela welcomes Dr. Valcin Wikersen

With the new beginning of 2020, we welcome a new doctor who will be replacing Dr. Wanitha Ceus. Dr. Wanitha has chosen to continue her education in Port au Prince. We are grateful for her time and talent in sharing the mission with us. Dr. Valcin is from Port au Prince and is no stranger to the Mother Angela Mobil Clinic. In the past, he has worked with us in the clinic, so he has an idea of the Felician mission. He will begin his two-month trial period Monday, January 12. We welcome Dr. Valcin to our family!

Dr. Yves works with Dr. Valcin to familiarize him with the iPads used to keep records on the patients.
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