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Pray for the Christians who are being killed in Iraq

We received a message today:
“Urgent request. Christians in Northern Iraq are asking us for prayers. During the next few hours they will be beheaded.”

Please, let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq. We gathered with our children to pray for them. Lord have mercy!


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Taize prayer for peace in the world





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Right outside our door…

We have some new neighbors just outside our door, who live in the bushes across the street. The woman is a single mom with three little boys, ages 2, 4, and 6. We think the owner of the land allowed her to build a little shack, just enough for one bed and a shelf for dishes and eating utensils. This small house has only three walls; the back wall is the wall surrounding a school. The family has no electricity nor running water. The children do not have enough to eat and do not have enough clothes to wear. When we saw two of the children without undergarments or pants, we knew what we had to do. This small house was clean inside and had some hanging artificial flowers to make it more pleasant. Our clinic doctor, Dr. Wanitha, examined the three children and the mother. The children are malnourished and have some other medical problems that need further tests. We will keep you posted.






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Finding some rest…

Where our children live, they do not always get the rest they need because their homes have no screens nor doors. They don’t get enough sleep and often find their way here to catch a few winks.


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Sharing the fruits of the earth!

We try to teach our children the gift of sharing. Here, when we receive an abundance, we try to share with those around us. Last night we received a beautiful gift from our friends, Lamour and Nicole. As a thank you for sharing school supplies, shoes, clothes, and toys with them to give the poor in the mountains where they have a program, we received an abundance of fruits and vegetables from their people. It was a beautiful surprise because our kids can share in this abundance when they come to Mother Angela’s Kitchen for their meal. God is good all the time! Bondye bon tout tan!





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