Neocatechemenal Way comes to Jacmel

The weekend of June 14-16 we welcomed and gave hospitality to the people sharing the Neocatechumenal Way. After one month of catechesis this was the weekend to have the Convenience or retreat to share the Word if God, the Eucharist and to decide whether you desire to continue to walk the Way.

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We are One Body, One Body in Christ, our house full!

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Our new ping pong table!

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Katerina and Emily volunteer with Mother Angela Clinic❤️❤️

Thank you Katerina and Emily for sharing your gifts and talents, but most of all your presence with our Mother Angela Clinic. We look forward to your return!

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Models of Mission and Faith

On Tuesday, June 11 we welcomed back Eric and Pete, our dear friends from Orlando. Eric comes to us often and Pete has now made us his annual visit. They ask us to dream and see what we need in the mission and come and teach our boys some skills that would be helpful for them and us. So…

We needed a clothes line.

Some screen repairs. Eric taught Jean Philip how to repair torn screens.

The merry-go-round needed to be repaired so Peter and Alberto fixed it and now it is in good running condition.

The new shade on the other side of the activity center.

Repair of the ping pong table.

Computer lab update of Rachel Educational Server.

And a new toll and work bench for Jean Philip.

Today they finished all the jobs in three days. We are so grateful to our brothers in Christ, Eric and Pete, for their example, dedication and love of God they share with us and who give of themselves to our people to give them some new life too!

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Guest in the House, God in the House

The Felician Haiti Mission has a full house, with visitors from the Dominican Republic and Michigan. For the past few weeks, we have had members of the Neocatechemenal Way with us, while they are having catechesis at St. Michael’s parish.

On Friday, June 7, Dr. Zbigniew Purzycki, MD; his wife, Małgorzata; their daughter Katerina (a future medical student); and their family friend, Emily, who is also a medical student. They have been having a clinic here with our neighbors and, of course, with our children.

Saturday, they unpacked many suitcases with over-the-counter medicines. After that, we took them to where our children live; and we invited folks to visit the clinic on Monday.

Sunday, there were demonstrations in Jacmel, so we could not leave the mission. However, we used our time wisely by preparing medications for Monday’s clinic.

On Monday, adults from around the neighborhood came for the clinic. Sr. Marilyn translated for the doctor and his patients.

Tuesday was clinic day for mothers and babies.

Thank God, Dr. Wanitha was with us because we saw about 50 babies and mothers.

Katerina and Emily have also been going with the Mother Angela Clinic to get some rural nursing and health experience.

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Our Prayer before Meals as we prepare for the gift of the Holy Spirit 🕊

Breathe on us, breathe on us; Spirit of God, breathe on us…Our Father…

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