Some summer fun with boys only…

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Summer Friday Movie Night

Thanks to you we can have movies, popcorn and candy!

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Some more summer fun with the girls…

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Summer vacation program begins in the Felician Mission

Today we began our summer actives with our kids. Our teens have been assigned to a group of children. It is sort of like having summer day camp. The children come for activities, and then they get a hot meal. We have the activities in the morning since the afternoons get very hot here during this time of year. Today, the kids made necklaces and bracelets; learned how to play volleyball; and as always, had time to play on the playground!

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Violet and her family

Late Friday afternoon, the doorbell rang, and it was Violet with her three children. Violet had come the other day, looking for some diapers and anything we could give her children. We told her we would get something ready, so she returned today. What we saw was sad: a 7-month-old baby, 3-year-old child, and a 5-year-old child. Violet told us her husband had died, and she has nothing. We realized we needed some more clothes, and we gave her daughter a doll. The little girl has a clef lip that was repaired with surgery when she was a baby, but she has no pallet and has a speech defect. She loved the playground, and joy was all over her face. Please pray for Violet and her family.

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Purchasing some new palm trees…🌴🌴🌴🌴

This is the second time we have had the experience of purchasing trees. Today it was palm trees. As we bought the trees, so many of our benefactors came to mind–persons who have planted their hope and help here in the Felician Mission. Your roots are here, and we thank God for you! Our friend, Daniel (the Bishop’s gardener), helped us choose which ones would be good for our place.

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Do this in remembrance of me…

We are the Body of Christ and privileged to participate in the sacred meal of the Eucharist. Today, June 20, we celebrate the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. The faithful gathered in our Cathedral for the Celebration of the Eucharist with Bishop Glandas Marie Erick Toussaint. After Mass, the Eucharistic procession began its journey through the streets. The third station was the Felician Mission. Our teens prepared the altar and sand two Eucharistic hymns.

As all walked through the streets among the poor, our prayer was for the country of Haiti to find peace and direction during these turbulent times.

We pray to be the living presence of God to all as we become what we receive–the Body and Blood of Christ!

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