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Celebrating Christmas with our workers

On Sunday, December 22, we celebrated the great feast of Christmas with all those who work with us in the Mission. The Mother Angela Clinic staff, our cooks and gardener were with us for the sacred oplatek tradition of blessings and forgiveness. Then we enjoyed a festive meal and. of course. giving of gifts.

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Vigil of the Feast of the Holy Family

On Saturday, December 28, we celebrated the Vigil of the Feast of the Holy Family by welcoming six young children into the Catholic Faith. These families came to us during the year, wanting to have their child baptized. Due to different circumstances–one being poverty–this was very difficult. We had our mothers meet with the Pastor, Fr. Samson, for interviews. Then we had our Seminarian, James, as well as Annette, meet with them for faith formation.

Baptism is the first of the sacraments and the “foundation of all Christian life,” which is the “door that allows the Lord to make His dwelling place within us and bring us into His Mystery.”

This was truly a moment of joy for those gathered, especially those of us who remembered how the Greek word “baptize” means “submerge.” “Bathing in water symbolizes, in various creeds, the passing from one condition to another; it is a sign of purification for a new beginning.”

This also allowed us to remember that Baptism makes us missionaries in the world, each one according to his or her own vocation, so that the world may believe and be transformed.

We welcome our newly-Baptized into the Catholic and now pray for their continued walk with Jesus Christ.

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Sharing the Christmas Spirit

On Friday, December 27, we invited the “Kiwo” group to see our Christmas Pageant and then to watch the movie, “Home Alone.” Kiwo is a youth-based organization that is formed in every parish. It is kind of like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the States. Everyone enjoyed the time together, as well as the popcorn and candy that was served.

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Christmas Day celebration with the Felician Sisters

Our annual Christmas party began on December 25 at 11 a.m. Our children came in their best outfits, ready to celebrate and to come and adore the newborn King.

Decorations were made by the teens and kids the day before!
Teens were getting ready for the pageant, as we always begin the Birth of Jesus by telling of His coming into the world.
Baby Jesus this year was our neighbor! Even though she started to cry, she was a blessing! Yes, Jesus was a baby girl.
Teens served the children their festive dinner and homemade Christmas cookies.

We made it through the day, giving every child a gift.

One of the barrels contained over 150 of the Felician Sisters coffee mugs, and every kid received one with candy inside.

We thank every one for making this Christmas Day so festive with gifts and, especially, our festive dinner that included soda for the kids!!! We all say mesi anpil!

We even sang in Polish!
Felix Navidad🎄
Jwaye Nwel🎄
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Wiglia in Haiti!

Our Wiglia is small and simple, but full of the spirit of God.

Our little family!
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Thank you for making Christmas real here in Haiti!


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Advent Reconciliation Service

Prepare the Way for the Lord was the theme for this year’s Advent Reconciliation Service which always includes Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

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Cookies, cookies, cookies….

Here they are–500 Christmas cookies all ready for the big day, December 25, the birthday of Jesus!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Haiti

We have a greater understanding of what it means to Prepare the Way for the Lord! We are so blest to have our Youth and Young Adult team as assisting in the various ways we need to prepare for Christmas.

Now remember, we can only see these beautiful lights when we have electricity from the city. Come Lord, Jesus!

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Look what we have!

We now grow our very own bananas!!!!! Sr. Inga is so happy because she loves a banana a day!

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