Our Work

Providing Health Care

There is only 1 trained doctor or nurse for every 3,000 Haitian citizens.

The Mother Angela Mobile Clinic — staffed by a Haitian team of medical professionals including two doctors, a nurse and a pharmacist — serves 28 places in the mountains in our Diocese. Many of our people have never
had access to medical treatment due to distance and rocky roads. The treacherous travels require new tires every year, filter changes, and this year, new shocks. But the clinic team does not allow that to stop them

Feeding the Hungry

100,000 Haitian children under age 5 are malnourished.

“I’m hungry” was one of the first phrases we heard in Haitian Creole from the local children. The Mother Angela Kitchen feeds nearly 100 children one substantial meal each day, Monday through Friday. We employ two Haitian women to prepare the food and the children and teens are responsible for serving and clean-up. The children and teens are given a hot meal of rice and beans, spaghetti, corn meal (polenta), a special sweet soup and filtered water. This program offers much-needed nutrition to children who would otherwise go hungry. Often, this meal is the only nourishment available to the children in a day.

Filtering Water

40% of Haitians do not have access to clean water.

We educate Haitian women about safely filtering water. Each “Fanm Dlo” or water woman receives a filter and bucket to clean water for their home. To help spread the word and to pay it forward, each Fanm Dlo is required to provide water for three other families. More and more people in our area now have access to clean water.

Sponsoring Education

Most families live on less than $2 per day — survival, not education, becomes the priority.

Through the generous support of our donors, we were able to sponsor 50 students last year! When we sponsor a student, they are responsible to come to the mission to do their homework and participate in our Pay It Forward Program:

  • Teens tutor younger students — which also helps to assess their academic progress.
  • Two teens learned how to manage our student computer lab and oversee updates and maintenance.
  • Teens assist us as catechists with our Faith Formation Program and meet weekly to teach our children how to grow in our Catholic faith and prepare for sacraments.

Through the Pay It Forward Program, every sponsored student is given a specific job at the mission complex. This is so important for them to learn discipline, work ethic and, most of all, responsibility. The help and assistance we receive for our education program is a blessing.


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