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Sr. Esther visits St. Yves Parish in Monchil

During the week of May 27-June 3, Sr. Esther Falzone, SCC, Pastoral Associate from St. Gabriel’s Parish, Saddle River, NJ, re-visited St. Yves, Monchil, after three years. She was welcomed by our community here in Jacmel by our children.

Sr. Esther attended Mass on Sunday with the community of St. Yves. On Tuesday, May 31, she had the opportunity to visit and talk with Fr. Gaston, the Pastor, on the improvements made in the parish since her last visit. St. Gabriel’s has been very generous to St. Yves. 

In addition to her visit to St. Yves, Sr. Esther was impressed by the growth of the Felician Haiti Mission and our presence to the people of Jacmel.😀 


Making new friends…

The Lord continues to bring us angels who want to walk with the Felician Haiti Mission. On Sunday, May 22, we met some new friends who wanted to know more about the Felician Mission in Haiti. These ladies love the Felician Sisters and have known us for many years since we ministered in Bayonne, NJ. They gave us a generous donation to help us with our people and want to walk with us. May the Lord bless them and keep them!


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Immaculate Conception School, Elkton, Maryland, gives clean water to Haiti Mission

On Friday, May 20, Sisters Inga, Marilyn and Janet  traveled to Elkton, Maryland, to Immaculate Conception School, where our Sister Barbara Ann is a junior high teacher. During the year, the school had various fund raisers to give a sizable donation to purchase water filters and buckets for the “Water with Blessing” project. We were able to share with the whole school the beginnings of the mission and where the Lord continues to lead us to walk with His people. We thank you all for accompanying us with our Haitian brothers and sisters. Together we are building the Kingdom of God.


Bishop Ahr High School walks with Felician Haiti Mission

On Thursday, May 12 we went to Bishop Ahr High School in Edison, NJ to say thank you to all the Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students who participated in their Lenten Mercy for Haiti through the Dime a Day project for the Felician mission in Haiti. They gave a large donation that will assist us many of our activities. The  Green Club also presented us a generous check for our Water with Blessing project. God is good all the time!!!!!!! Thank you so much Bishop Ahr High School faith community for being on mission with us.


Making new friends

While Sister Inga was in Detroit, MI, she met a few friends through the Neocatuchumenal Way. On Sunday, May 8, we were invited for the an outing. They were very interested in the Felician Mission in Haiti. After our visit, we have been invited to speak to their parish in the Fall on our next return to the States.


Meeting with Madonna University Volunteers for Haiti

On Monday, May 9, we gathered at Madonna University Nursing building in Livonia, MI with students and faculty members who have come to Jacmel in the past. It was a great reunion of sharing memories and the gift of mission. New volunteers will be with us at the end of the month.


What’s Cooking with the Felician Sisters

During the month of May we returned to the USA for meetings and some mission appeals. On Thursday, May 5, in Pittsburgh, PA we participated in an event sponsored by our sisters. Sisters represented various areas where our sisters are present and shared our mission. What made this event so much fun was that each region shared the food from the area. We too were able to share the Haiti mission as well as some of our Haitian food. 


“I wish I could multiply myself a thousand times.” Mother Mary Angela

There is a saying credited to our Mother Angela: ” I wish I could multiply myself a thousand times…” We think we may know now how she felt. There are so many places where the Mother Angela Clinic is being invited to respond to the medical needs of the poor in the Diocese of Jacmel, especially those who live in the mountains. On Saturday, April 30, the Mother Angela Clinic team made its way to Decouze. Father Lesley, the new pastor at St. Michael’s in our area, asked if our clinic could come at least once a month to visit his eight chapels. We met with the chapel leaders to talk about the spirit and legacy of Mother Angela, the clinic, and the community’s health needs. The journey through the mountain is beautiful, but the roads are not easy to travel. 


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