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Rites of Sending and Election at St. James

On the first Sunday of Lent in every faith community, when there are catechumens, there is the Rite of Sending and Rite of Election. This morning at the 9:30 a.m. family Mass, we had the Rite of Sending. Sister Inga is accompanying the candidates on this journey through Lent to the Easter Vigil.

Sister Inga calls those who are asking for Baptism, Communion and Confirmation and presents them to the parish and for a blessing to go to St. Mary’s Cathedral for the Rite of Election .

At 4:00 p.m. the Catechumens with their sponsors met at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Miami. Catechumens from all over the Archdiocese were gathering. This was the second group to meet. The first group had met earlier in the day for the Rite of Election with Archbishop Thomas Wenski.

Archbishop Wenski
Signing of the the Book of Election
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Lent…a new season to grow in relationship and hope!

We have begun our Lenten journey of relationship and hope. In our Felician faith community we gather daily for prayer, adoration, solitude and mission.

We gather with the faith community to walk the journey together with Jesus and the CROSS.

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St. James Festival, North Miami, Florida

The weekend of February 17-19, St. James had its annual family festival. It included a lot of food and rides. We worked the whole weekend in the raffle and information booth. We also walked around a lot and evangelized! It was blessed weekend and successful because the weather was good and loads of people attended. This was a real community builder! This was also a first for us after 10 years in Jacmel.

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Daily Adoration

Continuing our mission to be about the spiritual renewal of the world and our call to prayer and adoration, we gather daily in our chapel. Already we have welcomed people of the faith community at St. James to join us. Simple, yet holy!

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Parents are the First teachers of the Faith

On Wednesday evening, February 15, Sister Inga met with the parents of the young people involved in the Faith Formation at St. James. She reminded everyone that parents are the first teachers of the faith. We gather to walk together to be “doers of the Word.”

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Shining the Light of Christ where he sends us…

On Monday January 30, Sisters Inga and Marilyn began a new journey to North Miami, Florida. The area is know as “Little Haiti.” “We were welcomed to St. James Parish by the pastor, Monsignor Chanel Jeanty. We do not know for how long, but we do know that it will be until we can return to Jacmel to the Felician Mission. We are already meeting and participating in activities with our Haitian brothers and sisters. The convent we live in is called Our Lady of Perpetual Help.”

Participating in Catholic Schools Mass on February 3…
Assisting in the music ministry…
St. James School children!
Our Lady of the Cape from Montreal, Canada.

On Monday, February 6, a pilgrimage statue of Our Lady of the Cape arrived at the parish Church. Mass and a candlelight procession filled the evening as many Haitians came to honor Our Lady.

Sister Marilyn read for the Mass in Creole.
Sister Inga was honored to crown our Lady of the Cape
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Felician mission Haiti Sewing School continues classes!

The sewing school in the Felician Mission has started classes once again as the new month of February arrived. Junior Dessin who has worked closely with Sisters Izzy and Julitta is leading the classes while they are away from the mission. Weekly zoom meetings keep the classes updated and executed by Junior and his assistant, Shelda.

Junior helps a student to measure, making a paper pattern.
Shelda prepares paper to show how to make and cut a pattern.
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