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First Holy Communion candidates prepare for examination

On Monday, April 17, Easter Monday, five of our kids, who have been preparing for their First Holy Communion, gathered for Mass in our chapel before they went to the Cathedral for their examination, seeing if they are ready to make their First Holy Communion in June.

After their examinations, they returned to the mission, feeling very good about themselves. We know that they are ready, and we look forward to their First Holy Communion here in our chapel in June. 

Of course, we needed to have an Easter celebration with them…

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Easter Sunday breakfast with Junior and Vilcia

On Easter Sunday, we invited Junior and Vilcia, our newly-Baptized disciples, who had also received their first Holy Communion and Confirmation, to celebrate their new lives with Christ by joining us for Easter breakfast.

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Blessing of our Easter foods on Holy Saturday

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Jezi leve byen Vivian! Alleluja! Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

Christ is Risen! Alleluia! He is truly Risen! Alleluia! We wish everyone a joyous and blessed Easter season as you walk with the Lord, who is with us always. We were blessed to have the traditional blessing of food on Holy Saturday as we waited in joyful hope for the Light of Christ to scatter all darkness. We celebrated at Sts. James and Phillip Cathedral this year since we had two of our community members receive the sacraments. Bishop Launay Saturne officiated at their sacraments.

Vilcia, the mother of two of our kids, desired to receive Communion and Confirmation. We supported her and helped make her journey with the Lord.

Junior is one of our teenage boys, who came to us a year ago, desiring to be baptized into the Catholic faith. He prepared diligently every week for his class. 

It was a grace and blessing for us to watch Vilcia and Junior grow in the faith and come to this joyous day of embracing the Lord Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church.

O God, who make this most sacred night radiant with the glory of the Lord’s Resurrection, stir up in your Church a spirit of adoption, so that, renewed in body and mind, we may render you undivided service. Though our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.  (Collect for for Easter Vigil Mass)

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Jacmel walks the Way of the Cross

On Good Friday, April 14, early in the morning, the town of Jacmel gatherer to walk their annual Way of the Cross. It is this day that the Church gives witness to the power of the Cross.

Men, women and children walked though the city praying, singing, and meditating on the 14 Stations of Jesus’ pain and sorrow.

As we walked this Way of the Cross, we looked at the human suffering of Jesus at his death, being all too ware of our participation in the suffering of others in this world. Then, while looking at how Jesus responded to others during his death, we prayed to learn how to respond to the violence and suffering here and now–with compassion, mercy, forgiveness. Let us all trust in the Lord’s unconditional love for us as we accept those crosses we receive, and  may we know that it is in dying that we will rise again.


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Our teen girls have their first retreat

On Tuesday of Holy Week, April 11, our girls between the ages of 12-21 were invited for a retreat day designed especially for them. There were 24 young people sharing the day with us. The day began at 11:00 a.m. and ended at 5:00 p.m. Half were Catholic, some Protestant, and some involved in voodoo. They all were excited to be part of the day, and for most of them, it was the first time ever on a retreat. 

The day began with Praise and Worship. Wanitha Ceus, M.D., one of our medical doctors who works in our Mother Angela Clinic, gave a conference on feminine hygiene and The Gift of Being a Woman. After her conference, the participants had rice, beans, chicken and soda. The afternoon conference with Sr. Inga was on Learning to Pray with the Scriptures. After this, the girls  had time to pray with the Gospel of the day and to share what they prayed and heard.

We ended the day with Mass! After Mass, the young women shared the joy of the Lord they had experienced throughout the day!

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On Tuesday, April 4, Mike Edgar, Director of Properties for the Felician Sisters, arrived in Jacmel, Haiti. On Thursday, April 6, a meeting was held with FBC Construction and PROCHE teams, along with Sisters Inga and Marilyn, to check the construction site for the Felician Haiti Mission. Everyone is pleased with the construction to date. We walked together through every building which includes the convent, activity center, volunteer house, caretaker’s house, mobile clinic office and pharmacy, as well as a storage and mechanical building. Observations of the progress of the construction, along with minor field changes, were discussed. Sisters Marilyn and Inga ask for your continued prayers through the intercession of St. Joseph for continued blessings upon the site and the success of the Haiti  Capital Campaign.

Top left to right, convent and activity center

Bottom left to right, volunteer house and Mother Angela Clinic and pharmacy

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