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Give thanks with a grateful heart…

This week, we were blessed to have Dr. Bonnet and Eric with us. Due to road blocks and the political situation here in Haiti this week, the Water for Life group could not come to dig the wells as planned. God had another plan in mind for us to do, and that was to finalize the plans for the bakery construction.

Eric did many things around the mission. One was to update our Kahn Academy Program. and he worked with some of our young people to show them how to better utilize the program.

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The Hand of the Lord was with them…

Yes , the hand of the Lord is with us through our dear brothers, Dr. Jean Paul Bonnet and Eric Moyer. They arrived together on Tuesday to visit our mission with a mission. Dr. Bonnet is here to be for the well digging that was to start on Monday but, due to demonstrations and road blocks, has been delayed. We are hoping tomorrow they can arrive with their equipment. Eric is installing a few more security cameras and doing some maintenance with Jean Philippe.

Working with St. Joseph!
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Christ is Risen, alleluia!

This was the theme of the April 21 faith formation class with our kids. Thank you, Sister Janet Kurgan, for donating all the supplies to make this experience spiritual and fun.

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Thank you to all our living and deceased benefactors!

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered for all our living and deceased benefactors in Poland on Saturday, April 24, 2021. We are so grateful for your support.

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Preparing for the celebration of the Word of God…

On Sunday, April 18, Sister Inga met in the home of Madam Immaculee to prepare the Word of God for our Thursday celebration of the Liturgy of the Word. It is always a joy for us to visit the homes of our people. Her house has one room so the preparation took place on the porch. All people who drove or passed by witnessed the Word of God.

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“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people celebrate together in unity!” Psalm 133:1

On Saturday, April 17, we were invited to the Mercedarian Sisters’ home and mission for prayer and dinner. This was such a joy for us. The sisters live about 30 minutes from our mission. We met a lot of traffic on the road because we were behind a funeral. What normally takes 30 minutes took us an hour and 15 minutes.

We shared Midday Prayer with Sisters Madeline, Albertine and their novice, Christella.

We then shared a delicious Haitian meal, even though the sisters are from the Dominican Republic.

After dinner we visited their beautiful grounds and gardens.
“For there the Lord bestows his blessing,
even life forevermore.” Psalm 133:3
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Felician Movie Night Continues…

On Friday. April 16, Felician Movie Night welcomed over 50 kids. It was a joy to see their excitement as they waited for the gate to open at 5 p.m. The popcorn and chocolate candy were ready, thanks to you and your generosity. Then, for 90 minutes of joy and laughter, our kids got away from the daily stress their families are experiencing. Thanks to Woody Woodpecker, all had a great time.

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In the midst of struggle and pain, the Haiti Mission gives Peace and Hope

Even though Haiti is struggling through so much pain and sorrow, our mission is like a gateway for peace.

The problems of the country are effecting our children and their education. Like never before, so many of our children whom we serve are not passing their school exams. Even if they go to school, the teacher does not show up or just gives homework because they have not been paid. Our children are once again hungry because of lack of food. We are doing our best to have them come daily to do homework and to feed them. Thank God our teens continue to be of service and help with tutoring.

Everything here has doubled in price! Many of our mothers are not able to provide a hot meal for their children. Everyday we are meeting more and more people who share with us their fears and anxieties, and we see real depression growing. We notice that, when we gather for prayer experiences, more and more people are coming looking for hope, comfort and God’s help. Thanks be to God there are four of us now because of all that needs to be done.

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Domestic Church

A domestic church is a church in the home, where God is honored; his law is respected; prayer is a normal event; virtue is transmitted by word and example; and everyone shares the hopes, the problems, and sufferings of everyone else.

This was the experience Sisters Inga and Marilyn had on Sunday , April 11, when they gathered at the home Ipholienne Telemaque. She had just lost your 40-year-old son, so our visit with the rest of the Neocatechumenal first community in Jacmel was a comfort and joy. We prayed together; listened to God’s Word; shared our experience of Christ’s resurrection; celebrated together; and, of course, shared a meal.

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Sister Julitta begins English and Creole classes!

Sister Julitta has begun her English and Creole classes.

Everyday she meets with Sister Marilyn to learn English.
Twice a week she meets with Madam Omanie for Creole class.

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