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The day after…

We thank every one for your prayers and messages as we made it through the tropical storm named “Erika.” We had prepared ourselves as best we could by putting everything inside a room, and we took down the crucifix and icons from the outside walls. We made sure the chairs were all inside a room. We had high winds and heavy rains throughout the night. Today all is calm; we still have some winds, but all is well. There are many banana trees down, and there is a lot of garbage everwhere. Our neighbor lost many of his banana and papaya trees. Many had extreme flooding into their small homes because they do not have secure doors, windows, and roofs. Some  people live in what looks like a hut made of babana leaves; these were destoyed. Thanks be to God for His glorious mountains that we feel protected us from   even greater winds and damage.



 Now we are praying for all of those who may be affected as “Erica” moves her way up the coast. St. Florian protect us from fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. 


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Hurricane Erika reaches Jacmel tonight!

Please keep us and our people in your prayers as we meet this storm!



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Unexpected visitor…

After dark, we usually do not have visitors, but tonight there was a knock at the door. We were surprised to see Christella. You may remember the blog we wrote about her 9 months ago when she was missing. She looked very mature and grown up. She told us that she was in Port au Prince and is now returning to school in Jacmel. She did not want to share the details of what happened; she only said her aunt, with whom she had been living at the time, threw her out of the house. We are happy she looks okay and will be returning to school. However, we know that it has been a difficult 9 months and has not been an easy time for her. Please keep Christella in your prayers. 


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Goodbye, do widzenia, orevwa

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Our next group of “Fanm Dlo” Water Women💧

On Monday, August 17, and Tuesday, August 18, we met with our fourth group of “Water Women” at St. Yves Parish in Monchil.  This is another place where the Mother Angela Clinic visits every other week. 

We had 20 women participate in the formation process, preparing them to be a part of the “Water with Blessing” project. This group seemed to be very well organized since we had the opportunity to collaborate with the Spiritan Sisters, who helped to invite the women and who also participated in the formation process as the women each received a filter and a bucket. It was a joy to have our four Felician Sisters–Margaret, Angela, Julitta and Rita–participate and help us with the two days of formation.

We thank all our benefactors who make possible this project of giving clean drinking water to the poor in our midst.


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The Lord gave us Sisters…






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Felicians with children in Jacmel

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