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Meet DonaldsonšŸ˜€

Donaldson is a little 6-year-old boy who is very poor and neglected. He likes coming to our home everyday. He was always dirty and wore the same clothes everyday. We gave him some new shirts, shorts (thanks to your genrosity), and new underwear.

 One day we noticed that Donaldson had a terrible skin rash with opened sores on his arms, legs, torso, head and ears. It was like infected pimples.  We asked our Dr. Wanitha to see him. Donaldson has Scabies. Scabies is most common among people who live in overcrowded conditions, and whose ability to practice good hygiene is limited. Scabies can be passed between people by close skin contact. Although the mites can only live away from human skin for about three days, sharing clothing or bedclothes can pass scabies among family members or close contacts. 

It has been over two weeks since Donaldson saw our clinic doctor. He is getting better slowly but surely. Thank you for all your support to help care for these kids. Look at Donaldson with his new clean shorts and t-shirt.

Here is Donaldson’s legs when we first saw them, this rash was all over his little body.


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Going with the flow…

Today, Friday, August 7,  was a full day as we prepared for our four Felician Sisters to arrive on Sunday. As morning broke, the beginning of the day, as always, began with prayer before the Word of God, followed by Morning Prayer. Then the day began to unfold with kids and teens coming for the Pay-it-Forward program. A visit to Caritas was followed by a meeting with the Mother Angela Clinic Team. After a quick dinner, we worked with our pharmicist to learn a new program for our medications. Next came cleaning and preparing bedrooms and some last-minute shopping in preparation for our sisters arrival on Sunday…. But that is not the end of the day. In the evening, we had a beautiful Penance Service for our kids who made their First Holy Communion this past May. It was a beautiful prayerful time, using the theme of the Prodigal Son. Fr. Limond, a priest ordained two years ago, presided at the service. It was a very holy as mercy filled the chapel. Then, right after the service, the heavens opened with heavy rainfall. Water was everywhere. In fact, as we write this, it is still pouring. So what we had cleaned earlier is now filled with water. But, no need to fear, all will be well. Here in Haiti, we have learned that plans can change quickly, and we must trust in God’s providential care. 


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