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Jesus, I trust in you!

You may remember a story in a past blog about a man from Michigan who has a mission to send the Divine Mercy image to places in the world which are poor. We have joined him in this mission by getting the images in the churches in the Diocese of Jacmel.

On Monday, January 21, we were able to help place the image of Divine Mercy in our Cathedral Church. Jean Philip was awesome, as he knew exactly how to hang the large image perfectly.

Of course, we finished after dark so it got very tricky to see. So, on Sunday, we will take a photo again!

For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Jesus, I trust in you!

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Picking cotton…

We have our own cotton trees! So many new things to learn!

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He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey him. (Mark 1:27)

“In their synagogue was a man with an unclean spirit; he cried out, “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are—the Holy One of God!” Jesus rebuked him and said, “Quiet! Come out of him!” The unclean spirit convulsed him and with a loud cry came out of him. All were amazed….”

As we continue to live each day in the mess of the repairs, it is so easy to get discouraged; and the feeling of being destroyed can get overwhelming. I thank God for the gift and grace of the Word of God and the Blessed Sacrament in our midst. Since our convent is in repairs and the chapel covered in plastic, we made a small chapel in the rooms of the Volunteer House. Here we can have our meditation and prayers and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It is here that we can put all of this disruption into perspective.

The devil is always trying to get the best of us, but the power of Jesus Christ is greater and victorious. Discouragement and frustration is a great tactic of satan. Today we choose Christ who lives with us and among us. Jesus lives in us here and is stronger than satan.

The work continues…


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A community activity after clean up…

In the midst of all this work in the convent, our little community takes time to make ji maniok, a juice made from the root of a yam, milk, sugar and cinnamon.

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Demolition time…

This is what it feels like…demolition time. With cracks coming from the ceiling and around the windows, construction people are repairing walls in every building. They started with the convent on Friday, January 11. Little did we know about what it meant to repair walls and all the dust it entails. Thank God this is all in a year warranty of construction!

When everything is repaired, it will need to be re-painted. This is just the first of five buildings. All our activities are at a standstill due to do the process.


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Epiphany House Blessing


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