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An Apostle of Mercy

The power of God’s call is alive and real in our friend, Waldemar, from Shelby, Michigan. He felt a call from God to be an apostle of mercy and to share with a poor country the image of Divine Mercy. Last March, he met our Sister Andrew at St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish in Shelby Township, Michigan. He asked Sister Andrew about our mission in Haiti and wanted to give us the image of Divine Mercy to give to our churches who are very poor and, most of all, in need of God’s mercy. In April, we visited the parish to do a mission appeal and met Waldemar. He gave us our first copy of the image as seen below.

He wanted to give us more and said he would be making more copies for us to bring to Haiti. In a few days, we went to pick them up at his home, and he shared with us his call to do this for the new evangelization. Certainly Divine Mercy was leading this call and got others involved, too.

One of our Felician Associates and friend, had them framed. But how were we to get them here to Jacmel? Divine Mercy took care of that by helping us to ask Sister Virginia to pack them in a suitcase for us because a volunteer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, would be coming to our mission. Another friend of our Felician Haiti mission was willing to meet the volunteer and give her the suitcase to bring to us.

Truly this is the power of Divine Mercy as we see how many were involved in being an Apostle of Mercy. It is written in the book, “Divine Mercy in my Soul: DIARY of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska”: “Apostle of my mercy, proclaim to the whole world My unfathomable mercy. Do not be discouraged by the difficulties you encounter in proclaiming My mercy. These difficulties that affect you so painfully are needed for your sanctification and as evidence that this work is Mine.”

We have already begun to distribute them to poor parishes. Here we are with Father Lesley from Decouze who was delighted to receive the Divine Mercy image for his parish.

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Summertime fun!

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We come as pilgrims and strangers and leave as family and friends!

Our group from Houston, Texas…

Our group from Florida…

Our family and friends!

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Witnessing the art of accompaniment

Eric, Scott and Peter, you have been great mentors for our teenage boys who have been learning how to build and repair. Your presence among us has been a witness of faith and compassion, especially since our kids do not have any father figures. Thank you for witnessing to us! Thank you for setting up the playground, for hanging statues, for creating an awning, and for making our new ping pong table. You guys are really like St. Joseph the Worker! Most of all, your witness to the art of accompaniment has been a blessing to us all! God bless you as you have been blessing!

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We have been sent to serve…

On Monday, June 18, Eric Moyer, and two of his college friends, Peter and Scott, arrived with their daughters and friends to begin a week of service. As always, as the week unfolded, it was all about relationships with our children and teens in the Felician Haiti Mission.

The girls were involved in activities with the kids, while the guys worked on some projects with our teenage boys.

Thank you, all who came to serve, for encouraging our young people to realize and respect their own dignity and potential.

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The mustard seeds that are transforming our lives…

Jesus’ disciples today also need to trust in the promise of small beginnings and in the power of grace. The kingdom contains as much mystery as a tiny seed. We see it here everyday in the Felician Haiti Mission and its growth. Many of us dream great dreams for the church and the human community; but the kingdom is ultimately God’s dream, not ours. Our role is to till and sow and then look on in wonder as God brings it to fruition. God is doing wonders here….thank you for walking with us. At times, we don’t see it; and at other times, we do. We keep trying to trust God’s mysterious actions and this is what we are finding.

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It’s summertime!

School is finished for our kids, which means they have a lot of time on their hands. They come to us for activities and to work with the computers.

Another thing we notice is the poverty among our children. So we went into the container and gathered some clothes and flip flops. Thanks to you we can do this. Thank you for helping our kids.


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The doorbell that rings every morning…

Every morning, the doorbell rings and another need awaits us. There are certain times of the month when the needs seem to be more, and that is when many young mothers with their babies come to our door. Around this time of the year, when it gets so hot, many of our kids suffer with skin fungus and respiratory problems. They keep us and the Mother Angela Clinic busy. There is such a need for diapers, powdered milk, and baby clothes.

The difficult thing is that many of these mothers are so young, and they have babies to care for with no fathers to help. Some of them already have four or five children to feed and clothe. Some of their kids come to us for our activities. We try our best to share the mercy and love of God, to help them have self respect and to take control of their lives. Pray with us for these young mothers.

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Blessed oil from St. Felix of Cantalice

Sister Inga shared with the kids the story of St. Felix and the day she visited Immaculate Conception Church in Rome where St. Felix is honored. On May 18, during her time in Rome for the General Chapter, she joined other sisters for the Mass celebrating the feast of St. Felix. People were anointed with blessed oil. After Mass, Sister Inga went to the sacristy and asked for oil to share with out kids in Haiti. Each child was blessed with holy oil and received a holy card of St. Felix.

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Welcome home Sister Inga

On Sunday, June 10, Sister Inga returned from the General Chapter and visiting her family and friends. The kids of all ages were excited and very happy to have her back.

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