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Christmas in July?

Christmas in July was a new idea for our kids. Marcia Wallander, Felician Sisters Development Director, asked us to have our kids create Christmas scenes to be chosen for Christmas cards. So, on Wednesday and Thursday, July 24 and 25, our kids got down to work creating their cards. After they finished their drawings, each kid received a solar light for their home as a sign to light the way for Jesus whose birth we celebrate in six months.

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Convivence (Retreat) with the first community of Jacmel

The Neocatechumenal Way came to Jacmel in May and, after a month of catechesis and convivence, the first community was called. Each week we gather to hear and share the Word of God.

On Sunday, July 21, we had our second convivence. We came to together to share Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. The psalms were sung in French (a new challenge for Sr. Marilyn because she is now the cantor and guitar player), and all listened to the Word of God. After prayer, we shared a meal where everyone brings something–kind of like a “pot luck” meal. After we finished eating, we shared what this past month was like in our personal lives, especially as we have been walking the Way together. It was a blessed day. We all look forward to next Thursday when we meet again to share the Word of God.

” If today you hear the voice of the Lord, harden not your hearts!” Psalm 95

Teaching Jean Phillip and Annette how to play guitar so they can be cantors too.

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Some summer fun with boys only…

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Summer Friday Movie Night

Thanks to you we can have movies, popcorn and candy!

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Some more summer fun with the girls…


Summer vacation program begins in the Felician Mission

Today we began our summer actives with our kids. Our teens have been assigned to a group of children. It is sort of like having summer day camp. The children come for activities, and then they get a hot meal. We have the activities in the morning since the afternoons get very hot here during this time of year. Today, the kids made necklaces and bracelets; learned how to play volleyball; and as always, had time to play on the playground!