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Celebrating Eucharist with Neocatechumenal community in Jacmel

On Saturday, January 11, the first Neocatechumenal community of Jacmel celebrated the Eucharist together at the Haiti Mission. It was a joy to join all the communities in the world in the celebration of the Eucharist. What gave it even more excitement was that it was the vigil feast of the Baptism of the Lord!

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Klinik Manman Angela welcomes Dr. Valcin Wikersen

With the new beginning of 2020, we welcome a new doctor who will be replacing Dr. Wanitha Ceus. Dr. Wanitha has chosen to continue her education in Port au Prince. We are grateful for her time and talent in sharing the mission with us. Dr. Valcin is from Port au Prince and is no stranger to the Mother Angela Mobil Clinic. In the past, he has worked with us in the clinic, so he has an idea of the Felician mission. He will begin his two-month trial period Monday, January 12. We welcome Dr. Valcin to our family!

Dr. Yves works with Dr. Valcin to familiarize him with the iPads used to keep records on the patients.
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Our Compost

We are getting ready to plant some new vegetables and wanted to make a compost, so today was the day! We got our barrel ready, putting many holes in it from top to bottom. Let the compost begin…

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The Three Wise Men Search, Follow, Adore and Experience Conversion

On Sunday, January 5, the feast of Epiphany, we had our first discernment group gathering. We have been aware of some of our young adults who are interested in following a call to priesthood and religious life. It was time for us to respond and to offer a way to learn and know more. It was like having the wise men come as they followed a star, seeking the Lord. We began with how we can hear the voice of the Lord by praying with the Scriptures. How does the Word become Flesh and Dwell Among Us? We spoke about discernment and the scrutiny of the the Word of God. Then we spent time actually leading them through the process with the theme of whether we follow the Spirit of God or the spirit of the world? We ended the day with Adoration and Evening Prayer during which we shared our personal prayer and discovery of God in His Word. This group will be meeting monthly.

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Celebrating January 1 and 2 in Haiti

The Haitian tradition to celebrate the season is January 1 with soup jamou (pumpkin soup) with loads of vegetables and meat.

On January 2, we celebrated with a luscious meal. Families save to buy the needed foods so that the family can share and feast. Rice made with mushrooms (dire Jon Jon), fried okra, fish, potato au gratin, macaroni and cheese, salad and pikles (something like cole slaw) make up the feast. This is what Annette and Jean Philip prepared for our celebration as we gathered to share our blessings and to thank God for a new year.

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Have a blessed and holy 2020! Bon ane!

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