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The Three Wise Men Search, Follow, Adore and Experience Conversion

On Sunday, January 5, the feast of Epiphany, we had our first discernment group gathering. We have been aware of some of our young adults who are interested in following a call to priesthood and religious life. It was time for us to respond and to offer a way to learn and know more. It was like having the wise men come as they followed a star, seeking the Lord. We began with how we can hear the voice of the Lord by praying with the Scriptures. How does the Word become Flesh and Dwell Among Us? We spoke about discernment and the scrutiny of the the Word of God. Then we spent time actually leading them through the process with the theme of whether we follow the Spirit of God or the spirit of the world? We ended the day with Adoration and Evening Prayer during which we shared our personal prayer and discovery of God in His Word. This group will be meeting monthly.

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