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Sr. Esther, SCC, from St. Gabriel’s Parish, Saddle River, NJ, visits Jacmel

On Tuesday, July 23, Sr. Esther, pastoral associate at St. Gabriel’s, made a visit to Haiti. Her pastor, Msgr. Frank DelPrete, is interested in twinning with a parish in Haiti. We spent two days in Port au Prince showing Sister some different sites in the capital city. We made a visit to Casale, where Polish descendants settled after the war for independence. We stayed in the House of Presence in Duval Roche, and Sister Esther had the opportunity to experience the heat and lack of electricity in Port au Prince. We promised Sister that Jacmel would be cooler and will have electricity.

When we returned to Jacmel, we discovered that we did not have electricity either; and we did not get it back for three days! All together Sr. Esther had been living five days without electricity, and we are happy that she survived!

Sr. Esther visited St.Yves in Monchil, and met with the pastor, Pè Gaston Pierre, and his parish council. They shared the needs of the parish with Sr. Esther who took many notes to bring back home to St. Gabriel’s to see what ways they can walk in relationship with our Haitian brothers and sisters at St. Yves.




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Gracious hospitality!

Scripture tells us that, when Abraham opened his home and welcomed three unknown travelers, he welcomed the Lord who blessed him favorably for his gracious hospitality (Genesis 18:1-10; Hebrews 13:2). The Lord wants us to bring Him glory in the way we treat others and use the gifts He has graciously given to us. God, in turn, blesses us with his gracious presence and fills us with joy. We have welcomed to our home Sister Giovanni, who is no stranger to Haiti. Sr. Gio is here, getting needed information and preparing for the mobile clinic we hope to begin in the Fall. She interviewed a few people who may be working with us. Sr. Gio met with Fr. Gaston at St. Yves, Monchiel, and three other chapels in the mountains: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, LaFond; St. Jude, Citi Lumenier; and St. Anne’s, Cap Rouge.

Today we welcomed a missionary group from Canada who were preparing food bags for the poor. They had misunderstood the time for Mass, and we had the opportunity to share a communion service with them. Then we had visitors from a non-denominational group who have a mission in the mountains. They were in need of help acquiring school supplies. May we all know God’s gracious presence and be filled with joy.



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We are standing on holy ground…

During our Creole class, we share the Gospel for the following day. It is great to understand and to be able to share the Word in a new language. The Holy Spirit speaks the Word clearly in any language, if we listen carefully. These past days we have been reminded of God’s love and faithful covenant. We are standing on holy ground, where God reveals to His little ones all that is ours to know and to be for His honor and glory! Here in Haiti, we feel we are standing on holy ground; the people are holy, and where we are is holy. We hope and pray you will come and see for yourself!



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Summer fun!

On Saturday, we took some of our students–this time, some of our boys–to the sea for some fun! You can see by the pictures that they had a great time.




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Wednesday breakfast with the Missionaries of Charity

Every Wednesday, we go for 6:30 a.m. Mass at the home of the Missionaries of Charity. We love to pray with them. After Mass, we always have a very good breakfast with Father Kontant.




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Let the children come to Me!

The Missionaries of Charities take care of children who suffer from malnutrition and other illnesses. They also care for children with special needs. Mothers bring their babies to the Sisters to care for them, especially when they are malnourished and near death. There are babies whose mother’s never come back for them. Thank you our dear Sisters, Missionaries of Charities, for your love and compassion. 😇







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A place to play on our floor makes our kids very happy!




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Preparing for Hurricane Chantel

We thank our Sisters in Beaver Falls, PA, for donating weather strips for our doors. Yesterday our friend, Ronny, helped us put them on every door as we prepared for Hurricane Chantel.


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Our new Creole teacher

Madam Omanie is our new Creole teacher. We go to her home three times a week for two hours for conversational Creole classes.



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Thanks to you, look what we can do!

Since we returned to Jacmel, the children had been asking when we would start our English program. We continued our food program as soon as we arrived, but we needed time to set up the computers and prepare them for the students. We began the program yesterday with each student working on an individual computer with his/her own English program. It is such a joy to see each of these kids so eager to learn. They each get a half hour of time on the computer.

We are so very grateful to the many people who donated a computer and/or Rosetta Stone English program. May God bless you for your generosity! We use every opportunity to bring the kids to the chapel to pray for you. Mass will be said in our chapel for all our benefactors.









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