Gracious hospitality!

21 Jul

Scripture tells us that, when Abraham opened his home and welcomed three unknown travelers, he welcomed the Lord who blessed him favorably for his gracious hospitality (Genesis 18:1-10; Hebrews 13:2). The Lord wants us to bring Him glory in the way we treat others and use the gifts He has graciously given to us. God, in turn, blesses us with his gracious presence and fills us with joy. We have welcomed to our home Sister Giovanni, who is no stranger to Haiti. Sr. Gio is here, getting needed information and preparing for the mobile clinic we hope to begin in the Fall. She interviewed a few people who may be working with us. Sr. Gio met with Fr. Gaston at St. Yves, Monchiel, and three other chapels in the mountains: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, LaFond; St. Jude, Citi Lumenier; and St. Anne’s, Cap Rouge.

Today we welcomed a missionary group from Canada who were preparing food bags for the poor. They had misunderstood the time for Mass, and we had the opportunity to share a communion service with them. Then we had visitors from a non-denominational group who have a mission in the mountains. They were in need of help acquiring school supplies. May we all know God’s gracious presence and be filled with joy.



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