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Sr. Esther, SCC, from St. Gabriel’s Parish, Saddle River, NJ, visits Jacmel

On Tuesday, July 23, Sr. Esther, pastoral associate at St. Gabriel’s, made a visit to Haiti. Her pastor, Msgr. Frank DelPrete, is interested in twinning with a parish in Haiti. We spent two days in Port au Prince showing Sister some different sites in the capital city. We made a visit to Casale, where Polish descendants settled after the war for independence. We stayed in the House of Presence in Duval Roche, and Sister Esther had the opportunity to experience the heat and lack of electricity in Port au Prince. We promised Sister that Jacmel would be cooler and will have electricity.

When we returned to Jacmel, we discovered that we did not have electricity either; and we did not get it back for three days! All together Sr. Esther had been living five days without electricity, and we are happy that she survived!

Sr. Esther visited St.Yves in Monchil, and met with the pastor, Pè Gaston Pierre, and his parish council. They shared the needs of the parish with Sr. Esther who took many notes to bring back home to St. Gabriel’s to see what ways they can walk in relationship with our Haitian brothers and sisters at St. Yves.




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