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Our Lady of Perpetual Help is getting refreshed!

Sr. Izzy and Rosemarie are working together to give Mary a new refreshing look!

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Felician Bakery entering phase 3 of construction!

On Sunday, February 27, our faith community went to see the construction site for the new Felician Bakery. It is an amazing grace to see work being done during such difficult times in the country. God has a plan and wants us to give bread to His people.

Back of cafe
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7 Transitional Deacons Ordained for the Diocese of Jacmel

On Saturday, February 26, seven young men from the Diocese of Jacmel were ordained transitional Deacons. The priests and choir gathered here in the Felician Mission for the procession. After Mass, many gathered here for the reception.

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Faith Formation for Children…

On Friday, February 25, Sr. Inga (Director of Faith Formation for Mission Haiti) and Sr. Julitta met with the children, ages 5-7, for their first faith formation class. Sr. Julitta will be assisted by Janika, one of our teens.

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Movie night is back….

On Friday, February 25, over 80 children were waiting at our door for movie night!

The gate opened at 4 p.m., and our youth group who assist us were ready. The children come in 2 by 2 and are taken to a seat. It is almost like a movie theatre. Popcorn and chocolate were prepared, and there was clean water to drink!

Watching “Jungle Beat”!

It was a lot of popcorn and chocolate today!!!!!

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Pray for Ukraine

Our Lady Queen of Peace, Our Lady of Ukraine, please intercede for your people. Wrap the innocent in your mantle of protection and peace. We pray for our dear Felician Sisters in the Ukraine and in Russia proclaiming the Good News of your Son, Jesus Christ. we pry for all your people subject to the evils of war. Our lady Queen of Peace, Our Lady of Ukraine, pray for us.

Let us join our Holy Mother Church in prayer and fasting for peace!
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Our Lady of Lourdes, Lavout

On Tuesday, February 22, Sisters Julitta and Marilyn accompanied the Mother Angela Clinic to Lavout. Lavout is way up in the mountains, and it takes about an hour to get there through difficult roads. The people there get to see a doctor once a month. They also travel by foot long distances to get to the clinic. Here in Lavout, many people have high blood pressure!

Because of you, we can bring good medical assistance to many children, women and men.

On the way to Lavout!
Every clinic begins with prayer and Health Education.
Dr. Yves gives Health Education
Nelie prepares for patients.
Rosemanie prepares medications.
Dr. Valcin meets with babies, children and pregnant women.
Dr. Yves meets with the elders.

Sisters Marilyn and Julitta help with preparing medication.
Many children visited us today!
Many with fevers…
Fritz gets ready to pack up the car!
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Synod Committee meets at Felician Mission to prepare feedback to the Holy Father

The Synod on Synodality, initiated by Pope Francis in October 2021, is a two-year, worldwide undertaking during which Catholics are encouraged to submit feedback to their local dioceses. A synod is a meeting of bishops gathered to discuss a topic of theological or pastoral significance, in order to prepare a document of advice or counsel to the pope.

On Monday, February 21, Bishop Marie Erick Glandas Toussaint and Synod committee members met at the Felician Mission to work on their report. We were happy to give hospitality and be a part of this important time in the life of the Church

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Learning English as a Second Language

An amazing grace for us is to watch our young people learn English from volunteers and a professional teacher. Some are learning for their own enrichment, and others are learning to continue their higher education with Madonna University in the future. This is a commitment on their part, as well as the volunteers from all over the USA, headed by Caroline Stanfill, director of volunteers for the Felician Sisters of North America. See some of these students below…

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