Our Lady of Lourdes, Lavout

22 Feb

On Tuesday, February 22, Sisters Julitta and Marilyn accompanied the Mother Angela Clinic to Lavout. Lavout is way up in the mountains, and it takes about an hour to get there through difficult roads. The people there get to see a doctor once a month. They also travel by foot long distances to get to the clinic. Here in Lavout, many people have high blood pressure!

Because of you, we can bring good medical assistance to many children, women and men.

On the way to Lavout!
Every clinic begins with prayer and Health Education.
Dr. Yves gives Health Education
Nelie prepares for patients.
Rosemanie prepares medications.
Dr. Valcin meets with babies, children and pregnant women.
Dr. Yves meets with the elders.

Sisters Marilyn and Julitta help with preparing medication.
Many children visited us today!
Many with fevers…
Fritz gets ready to pack up the car!
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