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What’s happening …

Sister Inga with her Faith Formation group.
Sisters Julitta and Izzy have their sewing class.
Homework in the computer lab.
Weekly guitar lessons.

Crowning of Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth

A beautiful tradition we have here in the mission is the crowning of the Blessed Mother during the month of May. On Monday, May 9, our young people preparing for the sacraments gathered to pay honor to Mary, the Mother of God!

A lesson in why we honor Mary, the Mother of God.

Procession to the statue of Mary!

Preparing to pray the rosary for peace in Haiti and the Ukraine.



On Sunday, May 8, a new member was added to our Felician Mission. Meet Frankey…

Frankey is part Chow Chow and part Rottweiler. He will be a good watch dog for us. He is already listening and obedient in some things but, especially, he is potty trained.

He seems to love his new home and all the kids and people who visit us.
Angelika is still getting used to the idea that a new member has entered the community in the mission.

First sewing class finishes final project: a skirt!

The proud professors!
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