We welcome Fr. Gene Squeo and Dr. Jack McNally

26 May

On Monday afternoon, May 23, Fr. Gene and Dr. Jack arrived in Jacmel. They are here settling business for the clinic they will soon be running in LaSaline. Their organization is called Mobil Mission 4 Haiti. Their group had been coming to Haiti for years but, for the past four years, this has been impossible due to the violence and gang wars in Port au Prince that makes traveling to Jacmel dangerous and extremely difficult. This does not stop the Holy Spirit. When something is of God, it will happen.

The clinic in LaSaline was run by a group from Canada. They left a few years ago and gave the building and property to Caritas. MM4H was offered the place and is trying to have a clinic for the people in this poor area. The Mother Angela Clinic, in the meantime, has been going to this area to assist and serve the sick.

Fr. Gene and Dr. Jack are here now, settling business to begin operation. They had interviews with doctors, nurses and pharmacists. It has been a joy having them and accompanying them on this journey of hope for the people of Haiti.

Fr. Gene (l) and Dr. Jack (r) interviewing a doctor for the clinic.

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