We are standing on holy ground…

17 Jul

During our Creole class, we share the Gospel for the following day. It is great to understand and to be able to share the Word in a new language. The Holy Spirit speaks the Word clearly in any language, if we listen carefully. These past days we have been reminded of God’s love and faithful covenant. We are standing on holy ground, where God reveals to His little ones all that is ours to know and to be for His honor and glory! Here in Haiti, we feel we are standing on holy ground; the people are holy, and where we are is holy. We hope and pray you will come and see for yourself!



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One response to “We are standing on holy ground…

  1. SM Lucette Kinecki

    July 18, 2013 at 7:37 am

    My dear Sisters Inga and Marilyn,
    Thank you for the many wonderful pictures and insights into what the Lord is accomplihsing in and through you. Indeed, the ground is holy and all who stand upon it are holy. My spirit joins yours in praise of God’s great love and mercy. I am looking forward to seeing both of you and your 2 guests at the Proincial Assembly in August. In the midst of heat let us continue to give thanks & praise to our God. ALLELUIA!


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