In the midst of struggle and pain, the Haiti Mission gives Peace and Hope

18 Apr

Even though Haiti is struggling through so much pain and sorrow, our mission is like a gateway for peace.

The problems of the country are effecting our children and their education. Like never before, so many of our children whom we serve are not passing their school exams. Even if they go to school, the teacher does not show up or just gives homework because they have not been paid. Our children are once again hungry because of lack of food. We are doing our best to have them come daily to do homework and to feed them. Thank God our teens continue to be of service and help with tutoring.

Everything here has doubled in price! Many of our mothers are not able to provide a hot meal for their children. Everyday we are meeting more and more people who share with us their fears and anxieties, and we see real depression growing. We notice that, when we gather for prayer experiences, more and more people are coming looking for hope, comfort and God’s help. Thanks be to God there are four of us now because of all that needs to be done.

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