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Jacmel walks the Way of the Cross

On Good Friday, April 14, early in the morning, the town of Jacmel gatherer to walk their annual Way of the Cross. It is this day that the Church gives witness to the power of the Cross.

Men, women and children walked though the city praying, singing, and meditating on the 14 Stations of Jesus’ pain and sorrow.

As we walked this Way of the Cross, we looked at the human suffering of Jesus at his death, being all too ware of our participation in the suffering of others in this world. Then, while looking at how Jesus responded to others during his death, we prayed to learn how to respond to the violence and suffering here and now–with compassion, mercy, forgiveness. Let us all trust in the Lord’s unconditional love for us as we accept those crosses we receive, and  may we know that it is in dying that we will rise again.


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