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Embracing the core values of the Felician Mission!

You may have met Annette from seeing her on our blogs. She is a young woman who lives with us and shares in the Felician Mission. Annette works with all the young mothers who come to us every month, looking for assistance. About two weeks ago, we worked together to create a nourishing supplement to give them for their children and their babies. This concoction was shared with us by the sisters in Brazil who use it for those who live in the Amazon. It is made of seeds and nuts and corn meal.

We prepared packages for the mothers. Annette meets with them on the first Friday of of the month. On November 29, she gathered over 50 mothers. She began with a spiritual reflection, explaining the necessity of asking for God’s care and support. She also reflected on the meaning of preparing for the Lord’s coming in our lives. Annette truly embraces the core values of the Felician Sisters!

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