Kayla Donahue offers her heart for others

Kayla arrived to Jacmel on Saturday, June 2, excited about living with us and serving in the Mother Angela Clinic. For the week, she worked closely with Doctors Yves and Wanitha.

During her stay, Kayla visited homes and worked with our kids. She was a blessing and hopes to come back another time for a longer stay.

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Leaving things behind in order to serve others…

As the week begins, our volunteers from Madonna University School of Nursing are learning what it means to leave behind their selves and the many conveniences that they have back home, as they walk in relationship with their brothers and sisters here in Haiti. Whether it is working with the Mother Angela Clinic, visiting our neighbors in their homes, or having activities with the kids, it is all about giving themselves for others.

Dear God,

I let go of my need to be perfect, and I let You fill me with Your perfect love.

I let go of my ideas of fulfillment, and I let You fill me with what I truly desire.

I let go of what I think of myself, and I let You define my worth.

I let go of what others think of me, and I let You tell me who I am to You.

I let go of my appearance, and I let You shine through me.

I let go of my unreasonable standards, and I let You work through me.

I let go of my will for my life, and I let You reveal Your plan for me.

I let go of all of my past sins, and I let You forgive me.

I let go of my reliance on myself, and I let You be my Redeemer.

I let go of how I view others, and I let You love them through me.

—Kate Prain

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Welcome Madonna University Nurse Practioners

On Friday, May 25, 11 Madonna University Nursing students arrived at the Felician Haiti Mission. All are excited to participate in their learning experience of sharing their nursing skills here with us. As always, through the leadership of Sr. Victoria, they came with bags of medications that are not easy to find here–infant clothes, toys and formula, as well as sweets and toys for the kids. We are indeed blessed with their presence among us. Everyone is adjusting to conserving water and electricity!

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Happy Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

We are God’s distributed bodies today. Our belief of the Trinity teaches that God wants to share His nature with us. When we live and love as the Gospel teaches, we reveal ourselves to be points of overlap between the heavenly and earthly realms. Staying close to the Gospel is no easy task; it will take most of us a lifetime of conversion and hope. The result, however, is that through us, others may hear God’s invitation to share the divine nature. Like the great saints, we will become bearers of the glory of God. May the blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with you always.

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The many faces of presence!

The ministry of presence here in Haiti comes in many ways as we share our gifts and talents with one another. Sisters Nancy and Desirè spent the week sharing themselves, using their giftedness in various ways. 😃😃

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Meet our new friend, Angelica🐱

Angelica came to us a week ago. She is over a month old, and she is feeling more and more at home with us.

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Nou akeyi nou…We welcome Sisters Nancy and Desirè

We welcome Sisters Nancy and Desirè to our community here in Jacmel. They will be sharing their ministry of presence with our people while Sister Inga is in Rome, Italy, for the Felician Sisters’ General Chapter. 🙏🏾🕊😀

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