Welcoming TCheri, our medical student and having some Felician fun!

On Sunday evening, TCheri stopped by the house before returning to Port au Prince to work in the hospital. We had a dermatology book from our dermatologist in New Jersey to give him.
Sister Julitta joins in some fun with our Felician frisbee!
It is so good to be home!

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Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Early in the morning as the sun was rising, the parish family of Sts. James and Philip gathered in the mission for the blessing of the palms and solemn procession.

Today we gathered together
to herald with the whole Church
the beginning of the celebration
of our Lord’s Paschal Mystery,
that is to say, of his Passion and Resurrection. For it was to accomplish this mystery that he entered his own city of Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem was here in Jacmel, Haiti. With faith and devotion, we commemorated the Lord’s entry into the city for our salvation, following in his footsteps,
so that, being made by his grace partakers of the Cross, we may have a share also in his Resurrection and in his life.

Like the crowds who acclaimed Jesus in Jerusalem,
let us go forth in peace.

After Mass all our kids participating in our Faith Formation gathered to greet us and followed us home. There some sweets were awaiting them.

Sister Julitta is warmly welcomed by our kids!

Almighty ever-living God,
who as an example of humility for the human race to follow
caused our Savior to take flesh and submit to the Cross,
graciously grant that we may heed his lesson
of patient suffering
and so merit a share in his Resurrection.
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity
of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

May you all have a blessed Holy Week!

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Let it be done unto me according to your Word…for nothing is impossible for God!

We thank our God with great joy! On Wednesday, March 24, Sister Izzy returned with Sister Julitta, our newest sister to minister in Jacmel. Sister Julitta had visited the Felician Haiti Mission five years ago and knew that God wanted her to come back someday. Last year, she was assigned to the Felician Haiti Mission. Then COVID 19 locked down the world. After that, Sister Julitta herself contracted the virus. We all believed that nothing is impossible for God. We needed to trust in God’s plan. And now, after numerous obstacles, the time has arrived!!!! Our ministry of presence has grown.

From left to right: Sisters Marilyn, Julitta, Inga and Izzy

On Thursday, March 25, the feast of the Annunciation, Sr Julitta met Bishop Marie Erick Glandas Toussaint.

In the evening, during our Evening Prayer, Sister Julitta accepted her new missionary assignment of ministry of presence and her new local home of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

As you can see, Sr. Julitta is very happy; and so are we!
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Praise the Lord! We are home and ready for the mission!

On Tuesday, March 23, Sisters Inga and Marilyn, with Dr. Jean Paul Bonnet, traveled to Haiti. It was a joy to be home.

Dr. Jean Paul is with us for a few days to meet with Bishop Erick, Fr. Bertrand, and the engineer for the construction of the new bakery. The meetings were all good and continue to move us forward with the building of the Felician Mission bakery.

Engineer Jean Claude,
House of Bread…Bethlehem

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Serve where you are needed…

Mother Mary Angela told her daughters to serve where they are needed. This seems to be the motto of the Mother Angela Clinic, which travels to places where no healthcare facilities are available for miles. On Thursday, January 14, Sister Marilyn went with the clinic to Lavyal. It is a beautiful place up in the mountains. The air is very clear and at least 10 degrees cooler than in Jacmel. At this site, we use the National school building. In each area where we serve the illnesses are different, but all are very serious. So many thoughts go through our minds as we visit each place. In Lavyal, vegetables grow in abundance, and women practice the art of basket weaving to use to sort beans and corn or to place products to sell. Before the clinic starts, Sister Marilyn loves to talk to the people nearby.

This woman has begun her work for the day, weaving baskets to sell in the market. She finds bamboo trees and strips them, dries out the strips and begins to weave. When Sister Marilyn told her she has a gift from God because she was so precise, she said: “ Mesi Bondye, mesi.” Thank you God, thank you!
Nelie collects 100 gourds (74 cents) from each patient, takes their blood pressure, and blood sugar if they are older. Sister Marilyn takes their age, sex and weight. The process moves very quickly so at least 75 patients can be seen within a few hours.
Dr. Yves, who has been with us since the beginning, knows all his patients by name. They come every month to see him. In Lavyal, many people over the age of 40 have extremely high blood pressure and diabetes. With the Mother Angela Clinic, they can be monitored monthly and receive medication.
Babies and children see Dr. Valcin.
In this area, many children have skin infections. This is due to them sleeping on dirt floors. This child is 1 year old; he has this infection everywhere on his body.
This child, about 4 years old, only has it in her ears.
Medications are always needed. We are in great need of vitamins, blood pressure medications, hydrocortisone and other creams for fungus. Here you see Rosemanie putting calamine lotion in a water bottle. This is how we give out our liquid medications. Patients know to bring their own bottles but we still collect them, too.
After Sr. Marilyn helps with taking vital signs for the nurse and doctor, she helps in the pharmacy.
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Lord, every nation on earth will adore you.

On Wednesday, January 6, Faith Formation resumed in the Felician Mission. We now have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The Church calendar celebrated the feast of Epiphany this past Sunday and, on Monday, we blessed the House. But today, the 6th, is known as the Feast of the Three Kings. The children gathered in groups in our Chapel to see the Wise Men and were asked what gift they could bring to Jesus. We spoke about giving ourselves to God and to one another in faith and how we can be peacemakers in our troubled, sick world.

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Sewing classes resume.

On Monday, January 4, sewing classes resumed with Sr. Izzy. Today the students learned how to cut patterns and measure material. As you can see, everyone is enjoying the classes!

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…proclaiming the praises of the Lord.

On January 2, we were blest to have the Mercidarian Sisters from Wout Lavale for an afternoon of prayer, food and sharing. January 1 and 2 are special holidays here in Haiti. The sisters are originally from the Dominican Republic. Their mission is a medical clinic, which they have run in the Diocese for 18 years. During the time we were quarantined this past March, April and May, the sisters were asked to return to their motherhouse in Santo Domingo. During their absence, the Mother Angela Clinic went to assist the sick people they normally served. Sister Madeline, who is Haitian, had helped us to make contacts in the Dominican Republic in order to purchase medications.

Since none of them drive, we needed to pick them up at their Mission, which is a half hour from Jacmel.

At the Mercidarian Convent in Wout Lavale. Left to right: Sr. Albertine, Sr. Ramona, Sr. Madeline, Sr. Marilyn and Sr. Izzy.
Welcoming the Sisters to the Felician Mission…
Sharing some pictures of our mission…
Touring the grounds…
Sharing the joy of community…
Some Felician gifts to take home…


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Today is Born a Savior, Christ the Lord! Part II

The program for the day continued with some stories, songs and dancing!

We come together because of a special birthday; it is the Birthday of a King, Jesus!
Then it was time to feast on fried chicken, rice and beans, macaroni and cheese, salad, soda and the famous Christmas cookies!
Finally, it was time for what everyone had been waiting. It was time for the end of a perfect celebration…
GIFTS for all!
Everyone of these kids got a bag of gifts and a bag of candy.
Because of you, the joy of the Lord was grasped by all!
No one one was turned away…

Like Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Angels, the Shepherds, and the Three Kings, we saw God’s faithfulness because of you. Because of your generosity and always remembering the Felician Haiti Mission, we and our kids have seen God’s blessings in 2020. We continue to dream, not only for ourselves, but for our Haitian brothers and sisters!

Merry Christmas and a Holy, Healthy New Year!
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Today is born a Savior! Part I

As morning dawn entered the world, especially here in the Felician Haiti Mission, the joy of Christmas was already filling the air. We began with prayer and praise :

Grant, we pray, almighty God,
that, as we are bathed in the new radiance of your incarnate Word,
the light of faith, which illumines our minds,
may also shine through in our deeds.

After prayer and breakfast, it was down to work, putting over 200 packages under and around the Christmas tree.

Everyone joined in the setting up….there was no time to waste for children were already gathering by the door.

It was like the Scriptures were being fulfilled in our hearing: “Let us go, then, to Bethlehem to see this thing that has taken place, which the Lord has made known to us. So they went in haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the infant lying in the manger.” (Luke 2:15-16) This certainly was true here in the Felician Haiti Mission.

These three got the best seats in the house!
The celebration of Christ’s birth brings all nations together!

The day’s program was led by youth and young adults who directed the program from beginning to end. As always, we began with prayer. Our prayer on this day is always the story of the birth of Jesus!

Gabriel visits Joseph in a dream and tells him not to be afraid to take Mary for his wife for he will be the foster father of Jesus, the Son of God!
They shall call him JESUS, the Savior of the World!
Our Jesus this year was a month old!
The shepherds come to adore him!
The Angels sing Glory to God in the highest and peace to all people!
Gold for the King of Kings!
Frankincense for the Son of God!
Myrrh to be used for his suffering, death and burial!
Singing in Polish “Dzisiaj w Betlejem”!
And, of course, our finale…Feliz Navidad…We want to wish you a
Merry Christmas!🎄🎁
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