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We ask for continued prayers for HAITI 🙏🏾

It has been a week since the cancellation of our return flight to Haiti. We are in touch with Annette and the youth who live on the property of the Felician Mission in Haiti. They say that there are calmer days in Jacmel and that people are out on the streets. However, schools and institutions are still not open. We asked Fr. Samson, the pastor of our parish in Jacmel, to look out for those living at our mission and to lend us money for them, so they can purchase food and the special water coolant needed for the batteries that controls the inverter which produces electricity. Jean Philip noticed that the batteries needed a cleaning and more water. If the inverter fails, the mission will lose its power source, which means no refrigeration, no charging of phones and, after some time, no water because it depends on a pump. It could also mean loss of contact with our people. We also need to pay the staff of the Mother Angela Mobil Clinic. We are hoping Caritas International will be able to help.

We ask for your continued prayers for our people. We have heard that the children keep coming to the mission hungry and asking where we are and when we will come back to continue their lessons, the faith formation program, and other activities. Our hearts ache for our children, and we want to be with them.

Meanwhile, Sr. Marilyn will have gall bladder surgery on Thursday, February 28; and on Friday, March 1, Sr. Inga will have her kidney stones blasted. These will be done in two different hospitals in New Jersey. We offer our little suffering for peace in Haiti and a resolution that would mean a new civil order that gives life to all.


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