You satisfy the hungry hearts…

26 Aug

It has been a very blessed weekend for us here. Ludwica and Mathilda were accepted into the Catholic Church and received their First Holy Communion. They have been preparing for this moment during this past year, desiring every day to participate at the Table of the Lord. Over the summer, they had some intense preparation as the day became closer.

On Friday, August 24, everything was ready for their Baptism in our convent chapel. The water, the holy chrism for Baptism, the candles. Dressed in their white dresses, made by Madam Omanie, they were ready to enter the sanctuary of the Lord. Father Samson presided at the Mass and preached boldly what their Baptism means for them and the Church: their call to be priest, prophet and king, now to be a living witness of their lives with Jesus Christ and His Church. Ludwica and Mathilda were ready to answer loudly the questions asked: DO YOU BELIEVE…? YES, I BELIEVE…could be heard by all.

After the celebration, a small receptions was given with Soup Jamou (pumpkin soup) and two cakes. The joy of the Lord is our strength!

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