Let the children come to ME…

26 Aug

We never know when someone comes to the door what their need might be. One day, within that one morning, we received two little babies. One, you may remember his story, was Jamesly. When he came to us last year, just a month or two old, he was nearly dead. Malnourished and sickly, he did not have the strength to feed at his mother’s breast. Today Jamesly, who we see monthly, is a healthy year-old boy, getting ready to walk. Jamesly gives us such joy when we see his progress.

Right after Jamesly left, another mother arrived. This one we had not seen before. Her child was lifeless at first and also a year old. What a difference from Jamesly!

Both the child and her mother looked so sick and so hungry. The mother gave us a story that the child had been in the hospital and received blood, but she was still in bad shape. We gave her some pedialyte, powdered milk, diapers and some clothes. We encouraged her to see our doctor in the Mother Angela Clinic.

And, as always, we prayed over them for healing…

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