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“Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.” Matthew 14:27

On Tuesday, August 7, Sr. Marilyn began her journey to return to Jacmel. Very happy to return to her Haitian family, she was to leave on her early 5:40 a.m. flight to Orlando, Florida. then to Port au Prince, Haiti. She arrived on time in Orlando. Eric, our JetBlue pilot friend, was even going to be the pilot for this run. With an excited heart to re-enter the mission, a phone call came from Sr. Inga, who was in Jacmel. There were demonstrations near Jacmel and Fritz, our driver, could not pass to get to the airport. He had to turn around and return to the Mission. The best thing for Sr. Marilyn to do was to wait it out, stay overnight in Orlando, and try again on Wednesday. JetBlue changed the ticket, free of charge. Eric was still flying the plane, but he gave his car keys and car to Sr. Marilyn to go to stay with his family over night. His wife, Cassandra, and family welcomed Sr. Marilyn like one of the family. Now remember, the Gospel for the day was Peter going to Jesus walking on water saying: “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”

In the meantime, Eric was trying to contact the pilot who flies a small plane from Port au Prince to Jacmel daily to see if he had a run on Wednesday. No word from Roger, the pilot, until Wednesday morning. He had a space because another passenger was going at 5 p.m. and the price of the ticket was split. We had always wanted to know how this would work, in case we were in need of the plane; and we got the opportunity to find out. Sr. Marilyn kept remembering the words given to Peter and accepted God’s plan for this new journey. And then the Gospel for this day was “O woman of great faith, let it be done to you as you wish.” Matthew 15:28. My wish was to return to the mission safely.

Sr. Inga was concerned for Sr. Marilyn with three bags and needing to get to this small airport. She had Fritz and Jean Philip leave very early in the morning, before the second day of demonstrations started in JACMEL. When Sr. Marilyn arrived in Port au Prince, they were waiting, ready to take her to the small airport next to the international airport, which was about a 10 minute drive away. Roger, the pilot, was waiting Sr. Marilyn in his plane.

Here is Roger’s helper cleaning the windshield.

Fritz and Jean Philip made it back home to Jacmel four hours later.

Sr. Marilyn boarded the plane and was the co-pilot 😉.

Thank God Sr. Marilyn had once flown with her brother in a helicopter that had no doors, because Roger said to keep the plane door open until getting in the air in order to get some air. 🤔🤭😲 Thankfully, he shut and locked the door. It was glorious, like touching God in all his beauty.

Now getting ready for our landing into Jacmel.

It is so good to be back home with my family in Jacmel. 😁


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Take time to pray, proclaim the mission, and visit friends and family!

From July 17-August 6, Sr. Marilyn was in New Jersey, Chicago, and Texas. First she was visiting our Sisters in Lodi, NJ. It was a graced time for prayer and presence. Then it was sharing with our Sisters in Chicago, visiting friends and having a mission appeal at St. Rose of Lima Parish in Belmar, NJ.

My dear 👁👀friends!

The last stop before Sr Marilyn’s departure and return to Haiti was a trip to Texas to visit her brother and sisters-in-law, Jim and Barbara. She was able to also see her niece and grand nieces and nephew.

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