So go to the street corners and invite anyone you find. Mt22:9

30 Jul

On Wednesday, July 29, we made our way up the mountain to Kap Wouj to bring the Water with Blessing project to the poor. We had asked the parish priest to get 20 women he thought would be good cadidates to participate in the program. Madamn Omanie, who has been helping us with the program, also went was with us. When we arrived, we needed to clean the classroom that we were going to use for the meeting. Then we waited. It was to begin at 10 a.m. Only one woman had arrived by that time so, after a half hour, we decided to “go into the street corners and invite anyone you find.” We did just that; we went to visit the poorest homes in the area and invited the women. We now have  more than enough “water women” to begin the Water with Blessing project. This will be our third group of women who are sharing purified water. Next week we will return to Kap Wouj to begin their formation and ministry as “water women.”

We thank all of you who have donated and support this project. Because of your genorsity and support, clean water is given to many people throughout the Diocese of Jacmel. Thank you and God bless you.😇🙏🏽


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