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Here, poor people live so close together that when someone gets a virus it spreads very quickly. 

Now, among our kids we have the mumps being shared. Today we had to take care of two of our kids who have the mumps. A few months ago we had the chicken pox, now we have the mumps. There is never a dull moment here in Jacmel!


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The Gift of Clean Water

On Thursday, July 3, “Water with Blessing” women met again to continue their formation as “Water Women.” This time it was to work with their children, teaching them the importance of using clean water. Their were 22 children present with their mothers.

As always, we began our formation time together with prayer and the sharing of the Word of God. The children shared beautifully what they heard from the story of the healing of the paralyzed man.

After the presentation and reading of the booklet, mothers and children colored the pages together. There was also an opportunity to win a prize if they answered the questions correctly.

Both mothers and children liked the meeting and asked when we would have the next one.


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