Daily Archives: July 8, 2015

Experiencing our poverty…

Today, July 8, our neighbor, Francios and her three little boys–Snyder, Michlen and Jolandez–moved into their own little house. They have lived in a garden across the street from us this past year. They lived in a one-room shack with no water, no electricity, and no bathroom facilities. This shack was given to them by the father of two of the kids. But every week he would come and cause problems, beating Francois and terrifying the children. The Lord brought them to us when they were in need. When the children were malnourished, needing medical care, clothing, shoes, and the opportunity to attend school, we were there to provide help and assistance. They came to our house everyday. Because they lived so close to us, every visitor/volunteer we had got a chance to visit them and experience the conditions in which some people live here in Haiti. Due to the violence that was being dispalyed every week, it was time to help Francios find a small place similiar to what they have but in a safer area away from this man. God in his love and mercy provided for them once again, and we are grateful.

It is a day of mixed emotions and feelings. It is a day of freedom for Francios and her children, a day of new beginnings. It is a little sad for us as our little friends find new friends and a new area for their lives to grow. This is a part of our poverty, as we let go of our little neighbors who are moving on to something a little better than what they had and are having a new home of their own.