“Where do you live? Come and see!” John 1:38-39

16 Jul

We never know what to expect here in Haiti. For example, we never know how many people will be with us for our morning Mass. Sometimes we are by ourselves and, other times, the chapel is full without our having invited anyone.    

 One morning, about two weeks ago, two young teenage girls came to our door before Mass and said they wanted to have formation. This was a new a request from the usual, “I’m hungry; I need new shoes or sandals; I need help with school; I need medication.” After Mass, we sat with the girls and listened to their request to learn more about our lives. So we invited them to come to Mass everyday and to pray with us. This is not easy for them since they live on the other side of Jacmel and have to walk to our house, which is about 45 minutes away. We also invited the girls to be involved with our work with the kids who need extra help in school. Everyday, Monday through Friday, they are here with us.   

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