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A day of work in our container!😉

One day, a month or two ago, we went to see our container that was located at the Pastoral Center. To our surprise, it was not in its place. We soon learned that it had been moved because they needed to expand the building. We were happy about that since the container was right next to the entrance of the chapel, and we thought it was an “eye sore.” No one had told us it was moved, but we were grateful that they had moved it for us.

On Saturday, June 20, we knew we needed to go to the container to get some medical supplies that we wanted to share with the hospital, and we needed to clean out the container to prepare space for the next container which would be coming sometime in July. When we opened the container, we realized what had happend when they moved it–everything was turned over and tossed about; it was a mess. We were so shocked that we didn’t think of taking pictures! We got right down to work and began to move and go through boxes.  Please remember that it is 95 degrees here in Haiti everyday, starting at 10 a.m. 😅  We realized that this was going to take much longer than we expected. 😰

We thank God for Fritz who helped! 😎




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School is out for the summer…😃

Now that school is finished and summer vacation begins, “Friday Night at the Movies” also begins. The kids and teens enjoyed “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” translated in French, of course.


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“Will you give me a drink?” John 4:7

On Friday, June 19, we had our follow-up meeting with our second group of Water Women. They have been using the Water with Blessing filters and buckets for the past three months. This meeting was a  time for faith-sharing from the Gospel of John 8:4-26 (the woman at the well), their experiences of using the buckets and filters, with whom they are sharing the purified water,  and their difficulties.  It was amazing to listen to their sharing, especially how grateful they are for the filters and buckets for they see how their children and their neighbors do not have the sicknesses they had before, such as typhoid and cholera, because of using dirty, unclean water.


We checked their filters and buckets to see if they are working properly and kept cleaned. Afterwards we all drank a cup of purified water from the buckets.

We then gave them new filter covers that were made by our dear Felician Sisters in the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Central Convent, Livonia, MI. We thank you our dear sisters for sharing in the Water with Blessing project here in Haiti.


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