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First Penance

Today, Friday, June 5, ten of our kids and teens made their first confession in our chapel. Their ages range from 10-16 years old. It was a beautiful service, using the theme of the Prodigal Son. Fr. Elicien heard their confessions. Tomorrow they will receive their First Holy Communion.

Fr. Elicien has been a great priest, working with us. But we are sad to say he will be leaving us soon to be the rector of the seminary for his community of St. Vincent de Paul in Port au Prince.


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Kò ak San Jezi Kri, the Body and Blood of Christ

On Thursday, June 4, Haiti celebrated the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. It was also the day our kids, who are preparing for their First Confession and First Holy Communion, had their retreat day. We all went to Mass together at St. Michael’s  at 6:30 a.m. The Word of God reminded us of how much we are loved by God through His Son Jesus Christ, who sacrificed His life by shedding His blood for us. Everytime we gather in His name to bless, break and share this bread and cup, we, too, are filled with Christ and are to take Him inpto the world.  At the end of Mass, all of us prepared for the procession through the streets. 

A great joy for us was to see the monstrance in which Jesus was carried through the streets was the one that we gave the parish three years ago.

It was a real pilgrimage with the Body and Blood of Christ. There were four beautiful stations that homes had prepared with altars. 




The streets were beautifully decorated with flowers and the children carried baskets of roses and flower pedals. 


So many people were in the procession, the old and the young. It was beautiful to see the elderly walk the whole procession, even a man on crutches with one leg. 



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