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Prepartions continue for the reception of the Sacraments

We continue to prepare for ten of our young people to receive their first Penance and Communion. Today we had our meeting with the “parents.” In our group of ten, each of our kids has a different situation. One is cared for by a sister, another by a brother, another by a friend; there is a single father and some single mothers. 

We have been preparing our kids spiritually, as well as getting them the needed items for their First Communion Day.

We thank God for Madam Omanie and James who have been assisting us on this holy journey.


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Sr. Victoria from Madonna University returns to Haiti

On Tuesday, June 2, Sr. Victoria returned to Jacmel with some Madonna University students and friends. There are six all together–two mothers with their daughters, and two pre-nursing students. Sr. Victoria says she loves coming to Haiti; this is her fourth time back. They came with bags of  things for the children, as well as medical supplies, and items needed for the University of Notre Dame Nursing Program.  Her group is participating in the Mother Angela Clinic, helping to make order in our pharmacy and having planned activities with our kids and teens. They have been great to be with!








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A New Street Lamp

Only in Haiti can something like this happen. The street light outside of our property has not worked for months. The kids used to use it to study at night when the city provided electricity. We thought the city would repair it. But that is not what happens in Haiti.

The kids came to us one night and asked us if we could buy a new street lamp for study and for security. When we asked about getting it repaired, we learned that we needed to buy the lamp and get it installed ourselves. We asked our electrician to install it. He asked if we wanted to connect this to the city electricity or to our invertor. We were surprised! Why would a city street light be connected to our house. So now we have a new street lamp, connected to the city electricity.

We have a study space for our young people to use in the evening because in their homes they have no electricity to study. We turn our lights off by 10:00 p.m. But now, they can continue to study by the street lamp and some do until the city electricity is turned off, which usually is around 4 a.m.



Thank God! Jolandez is feeling better!

You may remember one of our blogs last week, when we shared about Jolandez and said he was not feeling well. He had a high fever for over a week, and he was not eating nor drinking. We became more and more concerned about him. Dr. Wanitha, our clinic doctor, sent him for some tests. We helped his mother to get his needed tests and also got him to the health department for his vaccination card that was lost. We found out he had a urinary tract infection, and he is anemic. He got some new medication, but he was still suffering from fatigue and not eating. Today, we asked Fr. Elicien to pray over Jolandez and, by this evening, he was feeling better and began to play with the kids. Truly a little bit of a miracle.