May 18, 2015 – Haiti Celebrates Flag Day

18 May

The Haitian flag has long been a symbol of pride for Haiti. Haitian Flag Day, which was celebrated today, May 18, was all about pride in the culture and heritage of the people symbolized in the Haitian flag. Emblazoned with the country’s coat of arms and the colors red and blue, the Haitian flag was adopted from the French flag. Haiti gained its independence from colonial rule in 1804, making it the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean to do so, and the second republic to defeat a European colonial power in the Americas.


Some of our teens wanted to have a program to celebrate Flag Day with our younger kids. So, last week they wrote their plan and presented it to us. They had practice with the kids everyday–marching, singing the national anthem, dancing, and a preparing a skit about the flag. And, of course, we would need to have food!



When the day arrived, there were some last-minute preparations to be done, like making flags, decorating and, of course, hanging the flag.





The Haitian flag, as it’s known today, first came into use in 1806. The story behind the flag’s red-and-blue backdrop is that Jean-Jacques Dessalines, a leader in the Haitian Revolution against France, removed the white in the French flag to symbolize an end to white Eupropean influence. The blue is said to represent the former African slaves who were brought to Haiti by the country’s colonial rulers. The red stands for people of mixed ancestry.   

The kids and teens entered our compound marching to the music of the national anthem with great pride. They then sang the anthem and had a special ceremony raising the flag.





Then the younger kids had prepared a traditional dance that told the story of Haiti’s enslavement and their fight for freedom.

Next a skit was presented telling the story of how and why the flag was created.






 After the program, it was time for some sweets, as well as fish, rice and beans, and a sweet drink called Tampico. 

Everyone had a wonderful time!

The flag of Haiti is a bicolour flag, featuring two horizonal bands coloured blue and red, defaced by a white panel bearing the coat of arms.

The coat of arms depicts a trophy of weapons ready to defend freedom and a royal palm for independence. The palm is topped by the Cap of Liberty.

The motto is on a white scroll reading L’Union Fait La Force (“Unity Makes Strength.”)


Unity and strength was truly experienced today as we celebrated this day together.


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2 responses to “May 18, 2015 – Haiti Celebrates Flag Day

  1. carol pedigree

    May 19, 2015 at 8:01 am

    Thank you Marilyn for all you do. Amazing Grace.

  2. Placid Stroik

    May 31, 2015 at 12:07 am

    Kids know where there is life.  what a blessing.  Fr. Placid

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