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A burst of a welcome with water everywhere!

On Friday, May 1, we returned to Jacmel. Our travels were blest and it was good to be home again. 

On Saturday, May 2, it  was time to clean our household. After unpacking our suitcases, we always put them back into our storage space that was once used by the school for bathrooms. We thought the toilets were all turned off because they have not been used these past two and a half years. But…we learned that there was another pipe, and this pipe had cracked and burst;   water was everywhere! It was coming out at a strong force, like a geyser, with jets of water pouring out and flooding everywhere. Sr. Marilyn put her thumb and hand on the broken pipe to stop the flow of water as best she could, and Sr. Inga ran around to every water pipe in the house to shut them off. We did not know from where it was coming. In such a panic, Sr. Inga then called our plumber, Genio, who immediately came over and shut off the main connection for all the water on the compund. Sr. Marilyn was soaking wet, water flooded everywhere, and everything in the closets was wet. We were able to salvage some things in the boxes. It turned out to be a full day of cleaning our closets and rooms where the water had seeped into everything. What a day! Thanks be to God we had some help from our friends!




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