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Daniel finally receives his new prosthesis (left leg)

You all may remember Daniel Gedeon, the artist that we support, and who also assists us in encouraging young people to find and use their artistic talents. During the month of March, we took Daniel to Hospital Bernard Mevs in Port au Prince. You may remember our blog in March, when we wrote about him and his story of needing a properly-fitted prothesis. Finally, on April 17, his new leg was ready. After a few weeks, he needed to return to have it adjusted. So on May 8, we made a trip to Port au Prince and now Daniel has a new, light-weight left leg. We thank Dr. Thomas Illwalla for his work. We are so grateful to the Knights of Columbus who fund this much-needed project in Haiti.

Another great surprise for Daniel was a gift from Sr. Mary Francis. She had some of Daniel’s paintings made into note cards. What a surpeise that was for him to see his artwork on note cards.

These are such wonderful signs of new life!


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