The joy of having your own home!

25 Nov

For weeks now, we have been sharing with you about the new home Lebrun built for his family. A few days ago, we visited them and saw what he had built. He had received donations from one of our benefactors. Now he is working on their outside toilet. After that, he will install some pipes and a barrel to collect rain water. There is no running water near their home, so they need to walk a distance for water, which is very needed. The rain water will help them, even if only a little bit. Next to the house, on the little piece of land they own, Lebrun has already planted some corn. They are waiting for the mango tree above the house to bear fruit. They are happy that they have a home of their own with their own land.








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One response to “The joy of having your own home!

  1. Placid Stroik

    November 26, 2013 at 1:11 am

    Thanks for this story of joy. Fr. Placid


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