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Cooperating with Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach…

Thanks to our Sister Jeanine Heath from our Chicago area, we made a connection with the Hospital Sisters who help mission countries with medications and medical supplies. They collect medications and supplies from various hospitals that are not being used. Sister Giovanni was able to order many things needed for our mobile clinic. Pray now that these items will reach us in a container.



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Serve the Lord with gladness!

St. Gabriel’s Parish in Saddle River, NJ, donated altar server cassocks for a few of our young boys. In Haiti, altar servers need to buy their own cassocks. Our boys were delighted and right away asked Father to bless them. Both of the guys pictured here are thinking about becoming priests. The journey to become a priest here is very difficult because the young men come from very poor families that are not able to pay for their studies and books. This year our Bishop is looking for people to sponsor our young seminarians. Please pray for them and help support them if you can.

Thank you again, St. Gabriel’s, for the cassocks. The boys promised to pray for you.



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Eager to learn…

Our ESL (English as a Second Language) School has started up again. We have one group in the morning and one group in the afternoon. We meet twice a week for classes. Since we know a little bit more Creole, we were able to speak with each individual child. We learned that out of 26 kids only two of them have both parents. Many of them live with a relative or a family friend. In one case, three siblings are living together on their own since their parents were killed in the earthquake.

A few months ago, we received t-shirts from JDM Associates, Inc. We distributed them among our kids and used them as our “uniform.” In Haiti, it is a custom to have a uniform or t-shirt that identifies you belonging to a school and/or organization. This was a very big deal for our kids. Right now our t-shirts have a baseball logo on them, but we hope that one day we will have our own logo for our kids.







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