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Please pray for Jacmel

We received word that tomorrow morning, beginning at 8 a.m., there will be a big manifestation in the city of Jacmel. We have been advised to stay home and not go out for the day. They are expecting violence in the streets. The anger of the people toward the government is growing because basic needs are not being met, such as availability of electricity, rebuilding of a bridge that was destroyed by the earthquake, and completion of the airport in Jacmel.

Manifestations are not new in Jacmel; however, they used to be peaceful demonstrations. For example, previously, when they had no electricity, the people would walk for miles with candles. Today they are turning to violence, and innocent people are being hurt.

Last week, before our return to Jacmel, we heard that the children did not go to school for a few days because the violence in the streets was very bad. Those that did choose to go to school were forced to take part in the demonstration. The Salesian Sisters did not allow their students to take part in the manifestation, and angry demonstrators struck their school with rocks that did damage to the school and its property.

Please pray for us and for the people of Jacmel, that in a peaceful way they can receive what is right and just.


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