Discerning what is ours to do.

23 Apr

Everyday we pray for direction about what to do and what not to do. This is not easy to discern. We try to listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd in every circumstance and through the people around us. There are many needs here in our midst. One very important need is to a have mobile medical clinic, especially for the people in the mountains where they have no medical help. Please keep this in your prayers that, if it is God’s Will, it will become a reality.

We see that young people need to have certain basic skills in order to get a job, and one way that helps is knowing English and having computer skills. For this reason, we started our English class, which has over 20 students who come faithfully everyday for class. We had to refuse a group of young adult men who came last week because we have no more room. We see the need for volunteers so we can have another session beginning in June and July. Our students come to us hungry; and we all know that when you are hungry it is difficult to learn, so we are discerning what can we do. Right now we share with whoever comes to our door hungry, asking us for something to eat. This happens everyday. We are giving thought to serving rice and beans just for our students. Please pray that we know what is ours to do.

We have two sewing machines and a lot of brown, beige, white and black material in our container, so we are considering having sewing lessons. Today we had a man who fixes sewing machines take a look at our two machines. It cost us a small fortune, but now they work very well. We know that we will need a few more sewing machines. We already spoke with someone who can help give the classes. Please pray that we know what is ours to do.


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