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Serving Rice and Beans

We knew by the smiling faces of our students and the joy in their voices that serving rice and beans at the end of class was the right thing to do.







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The things we take for granted…

Preparation for our English classes can be challenging at times. For example, yesterday we needed to sharpen pencils for our students, and we realized we needed a pencil sharpener. We are used to electric sharpeners or to mechanical pencils that do not need to be sharpened. We borrowed a small sharpener from the pre-school, but it stopped working so we had to use a knife to sharpen the pencils. We tried to buy a sharpener at one of the shops in town, but they had none. As always, God was good to us because later that afternoon we found a few sharpeners in box of school supplies. We even found some mechanical pencils which had been packed in the container. The things we take for granted…


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