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Dimanch Pak, Easter Sunday

Bon fèt Pak! Blessed Easter!

We went on Sunday morning to St. Yves Parish for Easter Mass. The parish is very poor and celebrates in a tent. It was decorated beautifully, and the prayer of the people was very moving. We like to pray with the people at St. Yves. Cassandra and Sonya, our neighbors, joined us for the Mass.

After Mass, when we arrived home, we noticed that their were about 30 people lined up by the wall in front of our house. We asked Sonya who they were because we had never seen them before, and she said: “the poor.” We quickly ran inside and gathered Easter sweets and rosaries to share Easter joy, and we distributed them to the children, women and men gathered by the wall in front of our home.

Later in the evening, Sonya came to pray with us and adore the Lord. After we offered her a meal and some Easter candy. Sr. Giovanni gave Sonya a cane that can be used as a seat. She was delighted because she loves to sit outside her door everyday.







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Easter Vigil in Haiti

The Easter Vigil celebrated in the Cathedral was 5 hours. It was beautiful and very holy. We witnessed 9 adult Baptisms and 50 adult Confirmations. Let us all witness to this New Life in Christ. The choir was heavenly and every Alleluia lifted us higher and higher to the glory of the Lord. Too bad we can’t put the video on the blog for you. Christ is Risen Alleluia,! He has truly Risen, Alleluia!


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